Violent Seed

Cancelled game

Violent Seed is an edge-of-your-seat 3D shooter available exclusively for the Sony PlayStation. The game features intense 3D scrolling landscapes with enemies that get right up in your face, as you battle your way through the worlds most prized landmarks. As an alien team, taking back technology that was stolen, it's your job to face the worst the world can throw at you. Human ingenuity and alien weaponry combine to challenge your gameplay skills to the max in this all-out trip through hell. Ready for the rush?

Violent Seed

Super detailed landscapes
Ingenious End-Bosses
High-Tech Alien Weaponry
Swarms of Enemies
Simultaneous Two Player

According to the programmer's website, Violent Seed was cancelled because...
In November of 1996, Viacom decided to close down Viacom New Media's administrative and marketing offices in New York. All management responsibilities were devolved to Virgin Interactive and management in the Chicago development offices. In January of 1997 Ted Markley joined as General Manager for Viacom New Media in Chicago, also known as Rabid Entertainment.
A couple of weeks into his tenure, he was told that the company must become self-sustaining and would be spun-off as a separate entity. In April of 1997 it became apparent that Virgin Interactive was not interested in bringing the company into their organization, and a buyer was sought for Rabid Entertainment. At the same time, it was also announced that Virgin Interactive would be put on the block, following a commitment to shareholders that Viacom was pulling out of the games business.

When no buyers were forthcoming, Rabid went through a series of downsizing operations to become more attractive to potential buyers. When this didn't have the desired effect, the final decision was made to close the company and call it a day.

In mid-August 1997, the company laid-off most of their production workforce, including the entire "Violent Seed" development team. Since that point, Rabid Entertainment has been in shutdown mode, and will be no more as of the end of this year. "Violent Seed" was unable to find a potential publisher and has been on hiatus ever since that point. The likelihood that the project will ever be finished is now extremely small. Both programmers from the project have now moved onto pastures greener (or at least, sunnier) in California. Perhaps one day, all the effort, all the pain, and all the love, will one day pay off in some other form.


If you are able to add more information about the development history of this game, please contact the PlayStation Museum.

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