The PlayStation Museum collects, studies, and interprets the hardware, video games, design, and all related materials regarding the history of the original Sony PlayStation game console.  Beyond collecting and preserving such materials, the PSM is a highly interactive, media-based educational web resource devoted to Sony PlayStation history.

Sony forever changed the video gaming landscape with the launch of the PlayStation. Without the support of game developers, the Sony PlayStation brand would not have been the success that it is. The PlayStation Museum strives to recognize the efforts, creative designs and history of Sony PlayStation game developers.

With Developer Insights, the PlayStation Museum gives developers a platform to document and share in depth their challenges and accomplishments developing PlayStation video games. These exclusive insights are often publicized through major video game news outlets including GameSetWatch (a Gamasutra blog), Joystiq, and Kotaku. Developers often share with the PlayStation Museum their experiences, artwork, design documents, and other media with the goal of preserving their work and receiving recognition for their hard work and creativity. At no time will any media or experiences be shared to the public without the developer's complete understanding, approval, and explicit consent.

Through social media channels the PlayStation Museum promotes current and past developer projects.
The PlayStation Museum has garnered support from developers and publishers worldwide with the same goal of preserving the history of PlayStation game development. Developers, former or current, include: 989 Studios, Acclaim, Accolade, Activision, Argonaut, Blue Sky, Capcom, CAPS, Electronic Arts, Gray Matter, GT Interactive, Infogrames, Namco, Naughty Dog, Neversoft, Player 1, Psygnosis, Realtime Associates, Runecraft, SCE Worldwide Studios, Sony Interactive Studios America, Squaresoft, Universal Studios Interactive, Viacom New Media, Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Visual Concepts, and more.

Support the PlayStation Museum with word of mouth
The PlayStation Museum relies heavily on word of mouth within the game development community to support the efforts of historical game preservation. If you were a developer of Sony PlayStation games and would like to participate in documenting your experiences with Sony's machine or know someone who would be interested, please contact the PlayStation Museum today.

PSM works and shares knowledge with the International Center for the History of Electronic Games’ eGameRevolution exhibit. The PlayStation Museum worked closely with the International Center for the History of Electronic Games and the Strong National Museum of Play to display an exhibit dedicated to PlayStation game development with the assistance of former developers from Sony Imagesoft. This exhibit encourages people to learn and understand the history of PlayStation game development.

Giving back
The PlayStation Museum continues to give back to the community. In 2008 the PlayStation Museum was saddened to receive news that Erick Dyke, co-founder of n-Space and supporter of game preservation, had passed away. A number of items from the PlayStation Museum archives were auctioned off with all proceeds benefiting the Erick S. Dyke memorial at Michigan Technological University. In 2010, with the support of SingleTrac and former executives from SCEA, the PlayStation Museum auctioned off exclusively signed PlayStation memorabilia which raised nearly $1,200 for the American Cancer Society.
The PlayStation Museum works and shares knowledge with the International Center for the History of Electronic Games' eGameRevolution exhibit. There are future plans to allow ICHEG to display various PlayStation game development hardware and related materials in a museum exhibit. This international exhibit encourages people to learn and understand the history of PlayStation game development.

The future
The PlayStation Museum seeks to ensure that present and future generations can explore the history of PlayStation, understand how Sony PlayStation began and evolved, appreciate who played what roles in that evolution, and grasp the impact that Sony PlayStation had on society.

History of the PlayStation Museum
The PlayStation Museum is the longest running active web-resource dedicated solely to preserving the history of PlayStation. 

“Things move so fast in the game industry that developers are always in danger of forgetting their roots. Thanks to the PlayStation Museum and other indie efforts to preserve our history, new generations of developers can learn from the experience of the ones who came before… and old gamers can enjoy reminiscing, too. Good work, guys.”
             Ernest Adams, founder of the International Game Developers’ Association

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"A truly amazing site that is dedicated to preserving the history of Sony's machine. Here you will find reviews and features, as well as lots of data relating to unreleased titles or prototypes. Well worth a visit if you have a few hours to spare."             
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