Raw Pursuit

Cancelled game

All-new 3-D racing engine delivers smooth, unparalleled racing action
Race any of 16 sleek jet hover bikes through the 22nd century
Speed through 10 huge rivers or trick out in stunt mode

Raw Pursuit

Raw Pursuit is a fast paced, action oriented speed boat game in which you play a government agent riding down different rivers of the world in search of spy's, smugglers, drug dealers, and arms dealers. Your goal is to survive long enough and go fast enough on each level to catch up with and take out the "Bad Guy" in a world filled with hazards and obstacles.

The game was designed with smooth, high quality, texture mapped 3D graphics making the - visually - the equivalent of Ridge Racer or Daytona on water. But with machine guns, rocket and grenade launchers, falling bombs, floating mines and a multitude of enemies, Raw Pursuit will go way beyond being just another good looking racing game, in many respects it will be the "Spy Hunter" of 3D games. 

Developer Insight:
"When we first started making Raw Pursuit, it was pre-launch of the PlayStation, and the dev kits were not the greatest. I recall it being these 2 big ISA cards and we had to make new machines in order to get them to fit. They were also kind of finicky. The documentation and SDK software was pretty lame too. Most of the comments in the examples and such were in Japanese only. So that was really the biggest challenge. Several of us had made console and pc games before, and Raw Pursuit wasn't really that complex of a game. So, I didn't feel like the game itself really had many challenges in it's path. I guess the next one after devkit/sdk would be making it polished and fun in the short time available.

I liked the original idea of the game, which was to take spy hunter and put it on a river in 3D. The river provided a natural "rail" so it didn't feel limiting. We had a few other additions to the gameplay planned like shooting things on the side of the river. Before I left the company, we had a boat driving up one of a few different themed rivers. We had just started having enemy boats on the river, but the AI was almost non-existent. We were starting to understand what we could and couldn't do on the hardware." -Roy Eltham, former programmer Regal Productions


If you are able to add more information about the development history of this game, please contact the PlayStation Museum.

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