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Krazy Ivan


Release Date: February 1996 
Genre: Shooter
Publisher: Psygnosis
Developer: Psygnosis
Players: 1 or 2 Players
Memory Card: 1 block
Peripherals: Link Cable 2 Consoles
Product Code: SCUS-94303

Boasting one of the most impressive FMV intros ever seen, Krazy Ivan raised more than a few eyebrows on release.
It plugs the player into a 40-foot armored suit primed for mass destruction, armed to the teeth and battling over 5 Earth locations against the Sentients - mechanized beasties put on Earth by a mysterious alien race. The Sentients emulate animals seen by the aliens on previous visits.
Krazy Ivan was the first game to feature depth cueing to give a realistic sense of distance, and the graphics are top notch. Gouraud shaded polygon-based characters complement the graphic armoury, which plunges you into a believable and all-too dangerous world.
Looking for a top quality blaster? Get Krazy Ivan - you won't be disappointed.
Incredible 3D graphics set the stage for multiple levels of lighting-fast, shoot-em-up action!
It’s do or die as Ivan battles over 30 enemies in his quest to rescue human prisoners and save his own life!
Stunningly realistic landscapes set in Siberia, Japan, the Middle East and other locations around the world
Superb FMV (full motion video) sequences featuring a host of professional actors
Two player link mode for head-to-head combat