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Xena: Warrior Princess

Live the adventure!
Gaming’s newest action heroine debuts in a power-packed adventure based on the hit TV series. Hurl Xena’s Chakram or unleash powerful signature fighting moves to overcome vicious hordes of enemies and huge Bosses!

Signature moves and weapons: Guide the long-range Chakram or cause damage up dose with back-flips, bicycle kicks, and 360 degree splits.  Seven vast worlds with 21 sub-levels: Explore and conquer Valarian’s Castle, Amazon Village, Dyzan’s Lair, and more.  Battle epic mystical creatures! Duel with a Dragon and go head-to-head with Medusa!  Use combination, magical weapons, and stealth-like maneuvers to take down your enemy!

Xena: Warrior Princess, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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