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Tenchu 2

Live by Honor. Kill by Stealth.

Before the events of Tenchu, the House of Gohda is rocked by betrayal. As shadow warriors Rikimaru. Ayame and Tatsumaru, you are called on to restore pride to the name of your master. For you have been born to a life of honor…a life of stealth.

Discover even more ways to slay your foes with 21 new stealth kill techniques.
Take on the role of three ninja assassins, each with their own story and fighting techniques.
Create an infinite number of missions with the Mission Editor mode and share your stealth adventures by trading via memory card or over the internet.
Strike from the shadows in 29 new day and night stealth missions.
Utilize a variety of new ninja weapons and items, like flaming arrows and invisibility.
Conceal and search bodies, swim, and hide underwater using a bamboo reed to breather.

Create your own stealth ninja missions with the Mission Editor mode!

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