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Strike Point


Hex, a twisted terrorist organization, has positioned deadly Shockwave devices worldwide. If triggered, these weapons will cause earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions – in short, total destruction of the ecosystem. As leader of the newly-formed Strike Point Team, your mission is to take on Hex, destroying their strongholds and defusing their tectonic threats.

Choose from 3 wicked-fast helicopters and take on ten real-world global hot spots – each one with multiple mission objectives.  Incredible 3D gameplay speed with complete freedom of movement – full 360 degree rotation and scaling.  Restore order by destroying enemy aircraft, ambushing convoys, rescuing captured scientists and more.  Secure destructive weapon payloads to deal with hundreds of strategic air 6 ground targets.  Recruit a second pilot for 2-Player split screen action, using either cooperative or combat mode.

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