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Streak Hoverboard Racing

Streak adrenaline uncut!
Reject the tyranny of gravity and embrace the future of board sports. GEM Blading – extreme hoverboard racing reserved for the reckless and the lawless. Experience an explosively fast, stunt-packed race in the pursuit of pure adrenaline. 12 unique Streakers want you for the aerial underground!

Completely unique GEMBlad hoverboard racing. Incredible control and maneuverability – an all-new racing experience!
10 maverick Streakers to choose from.  12 interactive race environments ensuring each race is a radically new experience.  Revolutionary anti-gravitational physics based on skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing.  Compete in the worldwide Streaker circuit and ra e your way to the #1 ranking.  Shadow mode allows you to compete against your own best time.  Take on up to four challengers with split-screen gameplan and the like.

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