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Skeleton Warriors

His sword slices the air inches from your face. You realize his next furious swing could mean your death. His size, his power, his savage strength are stunning. You can barely breathe, let alone fight, in the face of the evil Baron Dark™ and his Skeleton Legion. As Prince Lightstar, you alone are the final defense against the terrifying skeletal brigade. This is no easy task, for Baron Dark holds half of the mighty Lightstar Crystal. With it, he can change anyone with an evil heart into an evil Skeleton slave. You must stalk him… you must conquer him… you must not return without the Crystal. You need to put the forces of good and evil back in balance.  If you fail… you and your once-peaceful world will pay.

Fully rendered 3D characters and full-motion video sequences plunge you into an impressive fantasy environment.
100 vicious enemies await you in 20 savage levels – think you can handle it?
Soar through an amazing 3D rendered world on a skybike, with enemies swarming relentlessly above and below.
The smoothest character animations you’ve even seen!
CD-quality soundtrack by award winning Tommy Tallarico.

Skeleton Warriors, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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