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Razor Freestyle Scooter

Curb Thrashin!

Razor Freestyle Scooter is the opportunity to take your scooter into the fun box. Control urban thrashers who cut through massive, radical environments. Perform tight tricks, like heel-flips, candybars, can-cans and supermen. Add to the time bar by pulling off phat air on insane ramps and half-pipes. Grind ledges, high-flying wires, barrels, and benches. Collect tokens scattered throughout the each level to unlock the coolest parks and characters.

Over 45 unique tricks and moves, Combo them together for infinite maneuvers.
3 Hyper-realistic levels, full of pipes, jumps and rails.
9 diverse riders. Save the Razor crew by grinding, jumping and throwing down tricks.
Customize your ride with different colors of Razor Scooters.
6 secret levels.

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