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Point Blank 3

The shooting gallery madness of Point Blank has never been more zany, exciting, and fun. Join Dr. Don & Dr. Dan once again as they guide you through a whole new set of wacky games that will keep you partying for hours upon end. It includes 5 different game modes with 80 brand new wild and crazy games. Up to 8 players can compete in this madcap shooting carnival.
Parties and Guns DO mix!!

Includes 5 different modes that will make this madcap title the most amusing shoot’em up ever!! – Arcade, Endurance, Versus, Party and Training mode

The Ultimate Party game!! – Connect another controller and play with up to 8 players!!
An off-the-wall shooting carnival where everyone will have safe and fun.
Guncon compatible.
Wacky, Quirky, Screwball Fun is what this game is all about!

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