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No Fear Downhill Mountain Bike Racing More Images
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No Fear Downhill Mountain Bike Racing

BREAK NECK SPEEDS – Break your fear as you take the trail in a downhill plunge of guts and glory. Rocket down mountainsides in a blur of pumping muscles and flying gravel. You’ll need speed, balance, control, grit, strength and courage. Because fear is not an option…if you want to win.

BREAK WRIST TRICKS – Perform insane stunts, including wheelies, 360s, bunny-hops and suicides on customizable bikes.
BREAK LEG JUMPS – Fly over precipices and race for glory against up to 16 riders in one-to-four player competitions
BREAK ARM COURSES – Ride and wipeout on 25 mountain biking trails as one of eight riders, each with different skills.

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