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NHL FaceOff 98

THE ULTIMATE GRAPHICS:  New 3D Polygonal Players & Motion Captured Animation creates unbelievable graphics. Goalies “Stack Pads,” perform butterfly, glove, blocker & stick saves. Players perform cannon slapshots, “wristers,” “one-timers,” redirected shots, wraparounds and every type of check including poke checks, hip checks and shoulder checks. Players even celebrate with goal scoring celebrations.

THE MOST ADVANCED GAMEPLAY:  Icon Passing revolutionized hockey video games last year. This year it’s back and it’s better than ever! Advanced Artificial Intelligence has teams executing “The Trap,” Left Wing Lock and aggressive forechecking to stifle your attack. Manual Player Switching allows you to cut to the open spot and call for a pass.

INCREDIBLE REALISM:  All 26 NH: teams including new Carolina Hurricanes & Vancouver Canuck’s uniforms. Real NHL offensive & defensive strategy. Modify your offensive breakouts & attacks. New arenas feature shaking glass, arena specific goal horns, flying water bottles, and goal lights!

AUTHENTIC PLAYER PERFORMANCE:  Over 600 NHL Players who perform to their abilities based on NHL statistics.

LOADED WITH FEATURES:  Full team, player * league leader stat tracking. trade, release or create players. Three difficulty levels and incredible realism make this a must for any NHL Hockey fan!

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