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NCAA GameBreaker 98

THE ULTIMATE GRAPHICS: All New 3D Polygonal Players and Motion Captured Animation creates unbelievable graphics. Players Fake a Lateral and Pitch the Ball while being tackled, use “Swim Moves”, Juke Stiff-Arm, “Lower the Shoulder”, and even “Tight-rope” the sidelines. The most realistic college uniforms uniquely accented by traditional ankle socks, clearly visible helmet logos, stripes, jersey and sleeve numbers.

UNPRECENDENTED GAMEPLAY: Revolutionary Analog Camera System mimics a players natural line of sight. Create a Play with the First Ever Play Editor. Lead or Underthrow receivers with Total Control Passing, Advanced Artificial Intelligence Provides for the most competitive computer component ever.

INCREDIBLE REALISM: All 12 Division 1A Teams with Team Specific Playbooks. 130 NCAA Stadiums highlighted with landmarks. Authentic Formations like the Wishbone, Full House, Power I, Wing T, 44, 50 and 80 Defenses with over 2,000 New and Updated College Offensive and Defensive Plays. Play a scrimmage, 1997/98 Season with Bowl Games and try to win a Heisman Trophy.

TEAMS OF THE PAST: Over 40 Classic Teams like ’79 USC, ’86 Penn State, ’88 Notre Dame, ’93 Florida State and ’95 Nebraska.

LOADED WITH FEATURES: Full team, player and league leader stat tracking and All American Team. Create a Walk on Athlete and monitor your team’s progress on the Top 25.

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