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Harvest Moon Back To Nature

It’s a different kind of RPG for the entire family!

As a child you visited your Grandfather’s ranch when vacation plans fell through. Return to the farm that holds fond childhood memories and rejuvenate it’s long neglected fields. Tend to your livestock and interact with over 50 characters. As you struggle to make the farm something your grandfather would be proud of, one nagging question remains: What ever happened to the little girl that you knew a decade ago?

Non-linear, real-time game play allows for a wide assortment of events!
Compete with villagers in challenging festivals, such as Chicken Sumo and an annual Town Tomato Fight!
Collect and Cook different recipes. Create your own dishes to “woo” the women in town.
Befriend the Harvest Sprites to help out around the Ranch! 

Harvest Moon Back To Nature, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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