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G-Police Weapons of Justice

Maximum firepower.  Zero tolerance.

The war is over but the battle’s just begun. Join the G-Police as they outgun and outrun their deadliest enemies yet in street, air and space combat.

5 heavily armed vehicles to control-the Venom and Hovoc gunship helicopters, the deadly Raptor ground-attack mech, the Corsair superfast space-cruiser and the Rhino armored patrol car.
Dogfight, dive, soar, hover, jump and race through 30 multi-tiered, explosive land and air-based combat missions.
25 different kinds of weapons including hyper velocity missiles, rapid-fire plasma cannons, cluster bombs and more!
Real-time, pre-cut sequences expertly link missions to immerse you into the dark, desperate G-Police world.
Feel the tension and danger as you explore of full 3D environment, from dangerous underground caverns to vast outerspace and everything in between.

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