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F1 World Grand Prix 1999 Season More Images
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F1 World Grand Prix 1999 Season

Based on the 1999 World Championship, F1 World Grand Prix places you in the driving seat and gives you first-hand experience of every aspect of this challenging competition.
Featuring real teams and drivers, each car is a faithful replica of the actual car used in 1999, both visually and in terms of its handling. In fact, if you drive well, your lap times for the different circuits should be similar to those logged during the real 1999 season.

Particular close attention has been paid to the realism of the circuits; they have been replicated in their entirety rather than just the immediate area close to the track. This enhances game play by providing a practically unlimited view.

But playability, of course, is what really matters. The artificial intelligence driving module has been designed to ensure that, although you are always faced with very competitive opponents, they can adapt themselves to your level by means of easily applied parameters–making this game equally suitable for beginners and seasoned simulation fans alike.

2 Player split screen mode.
Scenario mode allows you to play your favorite races again and exchange them with friends.
Extensive car set-up options.
Realistic racing effects.

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