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Dragonheart Fire & Steel


Seven evil dragons rule the world of DRAGONHEART: FIRE AND STEEL.  Seven fire-breathing, razor clawed, knight-devouring monsters.  Seven beasts too savage for the movie.

If you can cut your way through hordes of medieval knights hell bent on your destruction… if you can master the moves… if you can take the heat… then it’s time to face your fiery nightmare!

In first or third person perspectives, in the wilderness or in the secret Arena… get ready for maximum-evil… medieval style!

Summon The Fiery Power Of Draco!
48 Medieval Maniacs In Authentic Armor!
Fly On a Dragon’s Scaly Back!
Live By The Sword-Die By The Sword
Friend Or Foe Only The Fearless Know

Dragonheart Fire & Steel, 1.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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