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Disney’s Lilo & Stitch

Disney’s new animated movie Lilo & Stitich surfs onto the PlayStation game console bringing the movie experience right into your home! Join the mismatched pair Lilo, the sassy surfer girl and Stitch, a destructive pint-sized fighting machine on an adventure around the beautiful Island of Hawaii.

Key Features:
Play as the rambunctious little Lilo as she gets into some fun in the sun. A little Voodoo magic will add some spice to the action.
As Stitch, find out why “Destruction” is his middle name…
He’s a 2-foot tall little terror that will send the alien bounty hunters on a wild goose chase.
Uncover the secrets of the island. The fruits of Hawaii will feed your frenzy while hidden items and power-ups fuel the mystery and fun!

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