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Demolition Racer

“The spiritual successor to Destruction Derby 2” – PSM

High speed full impact racing action-collisions, damage and destruction!
Incredible cumulative Real-time Damage effects – smoke, fire, hoods fly, tires wobble, and cars show hardcore damage as it happens
10 torturous tracks designed for full metal contact
Insane “last man standing Demolition Derby bowl matches
Eight different vehicles to race including the deadly High Impact Hearse
Death From Above – land on an opponent’s roof and sore a one-hit kill
16 cars on the track in each race
Smash through destructible fences, barricades, barrels and more
Two-player split-screen racing and Demolition Derby matches
Thrashing original soundtrack and remixes by Fear Factory, Junkie XL, Empirion, & Cirrus.

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