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Crypt Killer

Arcade fans get ready to welcome home the hit coin-op title Crypt Killer now available from Konami for the Sony PlayStation. This fast-paced 3D, arcade shooting game comes complete with Konami’s official Sony gun accessory, The Justifier, to provide gamers with the same first-person perspective thrill of the hunt. Open your heart and hearth to familiar faces including rib-hurling skeletons, Nemesis, garish gargoyles, decomposing zombies, the seven-headed Hydra and Medusa. There are six eerie worlds through which to wander…doom and gloom at every turn…and all you have on your side is a will to live and an awe-inspiring arsenal to ward off the weirdoes in this shooting action/adventure title.

Crypt Killer is compatible with Konami’s new product, an officially licensed gun accessory, and features other-worldly music to help take gamers into the far reaches of a death hunting adventure. In addition, the game automatically scrolls during game play, picking up speed and slowing down depending upon the situation in which gamers find themselves.

Crypt Killer, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Frank says
    May 28, 2015, 11:12 pm

    When I first saw this game it was in a issue of Gamepro. When I rented I must say I was really impressed. Bright colors, arcade type graphics and light gun support. I finally got a copy in 2005. However while the game has stayed the same in my eyes, I don’t think others see it that way. New TVs no longer support the light gun it is compatible with and Its graphics to most look incredibly dated. But if your like me and don’t mind using a controller and live in a 1997 state of mind… the go head and have a blast.

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