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Black Dawn

Blast or be blasted!
As a member of the top secret Black Operations unit, you’ll decimate enemy forces, liberate desperate hostages, and navigate your combat chopper through 32 life-or-death missions in this addictive action free-for-all. You can almost taste the shrapnel!

Two switchable flight modes give you total control over altitude and angle of attack. Six different views give you total visual control.  Advanced A.I. cranks up the pressure by making your adversaries deadlier every minute.  O-the-fly 3-D environments and graphics, 3-D sound effects and explosions, plus pulse-pumping music that builds with the action of each mission.  Fully-loaded weapons arsenal puts enemy annihilation at your fingertips!  Your wingman keeps your enemies at bay while you airlift hostages out of danger.

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