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Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker

Will the Joker have the last laugh?

The sleeker, deadlier Joker has returned to terrorize Gotham City in the mid 21st century, and you must avenge the fallen Bruce Wayne.  Don your high tech Batsuits and wield cunning gadgets across 16 explosive levels, to silence The Joker and his minions…forever.

10 Gadgets: Wield the Magnetic Nun Chaku, Retractable Wings, the Dark Knight Discus and other amazing devices.

5 Hi-Tech Batsuits: Jump, punch, kick – even fly as you combat the Joker and his evil henchmen.

16 Action Packed Levels: Battle the Joker and his minions through the Gotham Space Center, The Joker’s Candy Factory, the Batcave and more!

Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker, 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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