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Bass Landing

Feel ’em BITE, Feel ’em FIGHT!

The adrenaline rush of hooking a monster bass has never been so real. Bass Landing delivers all excitement of the true-to-life fishing experience right in your living room. Forget waking-up at 4:00 a.m. Forget mosquitoes. Forget gutting and cleaning. Just pack-up your tackle box, grab a few cold ones, settle into your easy chair, and let’s go fishin’!

Save and replay your trophy catches
5 beautifully-detailed lakes & 14 species of fish
Stock your tackle box from over 50 different rods, reels, rigs & lures
Fish solo or try any of 7 Bass Tournaments
Control the weather, season, time of day, & more
Great for any skill level, in-game tutorial teaches all the secrets of the pros
DUAL SHOCK analog controller compatible

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