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Assault: Retribution

Mercy is NOT an option.

Travelling through 7 mind blowing levels, your mission will take you far from home.  Journey to remote outposts of humanity and into hellish uncharted alien worlds.

We wouldn’t deploy you to the epicenter of an alien infested city without a massive arsenal from which to choose. Multi-phased pulse rifles, devastating shock weapons, magnetic bolt accelerators and many more. Each weapon is designed for maximum destruction!

If you think you’re ready, play in the 2 player cooperative mode. You’ll encounter extra mutants, alternative routes and increasingly challenging obstacles around every corner. Whether you choose a solo mission, or decide to work with an ally, be prepared for some fast-paced, non-stop, heart pounding action!

These creatures must be wiped out by YOU before they reach any other cities. No alien life forms are to be left alive. With the support of the Dual Shock Analog Controller, you can feel the firepower as you exterminate the alien invaders!

Remember, mercy is NOT an option.

Assault: Retribution, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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