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Army Men – World War More Images
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Army Men – World War

WORLD WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED!  The Green and Tan Nations have broken off peace talks.  There is no choice but to prepare for battle. Only after storming the shores of the enemy homeland, pushing through thick jungles, and securing war-town cities, does the ultimate victory await.  Dive back into the trenches!  It’s Real Combat.  Plastic Men.

Challenge a friend in one of the plastic-shattering multi-player mode or battle the Tan Army through intense single player missions.

A devastating arsenal of WWII weaponry including: grenades, mortar launcher, bayonet, howitzer, flamethrower, assault rifle, bazooka, and twin .50 cal. machine guns.

Command military tanks, jeeps, and PT boats when your situation calls for heavy firepower or added mobility.

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