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Army Men – World War Team Assault More Images
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Army Men – World War Team Assault

Choose your soldiers.  Combat the enemy.  Conquer the world.

The great Green and Tan armies were locked in a stalemate… until now. The Tan have developed a deadly weapon that spells doom for the Green Army. A crack team of Green commandos has been assembled to seek out this weapon. Each commando is a specialist in a variety of fields ranging from heavy weaponry to linguistics. Good luck, soldier…the fate of the green nation depends on your success!

Take the action to multiple environments on the LAND, in the SEA and in the AIR
Choose two of several unique specialized team members to guide through any mission
Practice with each team member’s special skills to discover the best soldiers for each mission
Crawl through the trenches, maneuver assault vehicles, aim aircraft artillery and much more
5 Gameplay styles: Duck-and-cover, rail ride, flight, submarine and tank
Action-packed multiplayer modes: capture the flag and grudge match

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