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Army Men – World War Land Sea Air More Images
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Army Men – World War Land Sea Air

3 Theaters of War-Land, Sea & Air!

The enemy Tan army is once again mobilizing all over the world and is preparing for an all out invasion of the Green territories from all fronts. Your Green squad has been dispatched to various parts of the world to squelch the Ten’s plans. Your have all the Green forces at your disposal, whether it be on land, sea or air!  It’s Real Combat. Plastic Men.

Three different types of battle terrain: Wage war on the evil Tan Army through ground combat, or with lethal forces from the sea or the air.

New assault vehicles: Open fire using a helicopter, bomber, assault raft and battle carrier – each with a swarm of devastating weapons.

More intense combat sites: 3 different campaigns take your different parts of the world – the Jungle, the Sea and the Mountains.

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