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Arcade Party Pak

Six arcade favorites appear together for the first time!

720: Skate or Die! Perform radical stunts on your skateboard to gain points and enter special events!  Show off your skills with gravity-defying tricks!  You could even be the one to pull off the difficult 720!

RAMPAGE: The original crunch, punch and munch game takes a bite out of America!  While you watch out for the Army and other players, terrorize cities by bashing buildings, crushing cars and snacking on citizens!

KLAX: It’s your brain against Klax in this highly addictive puzzle game!  Stack blocks according to color either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.  Match tiles to get a Klax and eliminate them, but don’t let the blocks reach the top!  Get multiple klaxes to increase your points, if you’ve got the skill!

TOOBIN: Jump in your Toob and ride down the rapids at gut-wrenching speeds!  Face some of the most intense courses ever: Earth’s rivers, Martian canals, Jurassic swamps and even the River Styx!  Keep your eyes open and steer clear of obstacles and enemies before they damage your toob.

SMASH TV: You’re a contestant in the most violent game show on the planet!  With futuristic weapons and power-ups, fight against the ever-increasing hordes of enemies.  Play alone or team up with a friend in your bid to survive the constant onslaught.

SUPER SPRINT: Frantic racecar action is the name of the game!  It’s dog-eat-dog in the race for first place.  In preparation for the more difficult tracks, use your prize money to upgrade your vehicle with better handling, higher speed or faster acceleration!

Arcade Party Pak, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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