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Alundra 2

Wield the sword. Solve the puzzles. Live the journey.


You are Flint, a renegade swordsman on a quest to free a kingdom from the grip of a sinister ruler. Through a land of hidden danger you wield your weapon, navigating an intricate story wrought with bizarre characters, brain-twisting puzzles, and wild games. Beware! An even greater evil is about to be revealed…

Journey through hours of immersive gameplay, set in a fully 3D world.
Collect hidden puzzle pieces, rings, herbs, and over 60 special items.
Reveal the story through hours of unfolding cinematics.
NEW TO U.S. VERSION: A complete new opening movie with a wealth of story background.
Two difficulty levels.
Fight a slew of mega-bosses and monsters in real-time Role Playing Game battles on land, sea and air.
Swim, climb and jump to solve hundreds of action-based puzzles.
Play 10+ mini-games to test your skills and increase your stats.

Alundra 2, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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