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Agile Warrior F-IIIX

Get something straight right now.
This ain’t no by-the-books, academy-trained flight sim.  This is fast and furious, high speed, high stakes, surface-to-air arcade combat action.  Strap into the most advanced multi-role fighter craft around—-the kind developed from top-secret military design specs with cutting-edge Thrust Vectoring technology – and blast off into a world of sky-ripping, ground-shaking, adrenaline-pumping battles.

Your objective is simple, eliminate anything and everything that poses a threat to our national security. Use stealth technology, precision guided munitions and tactical radar to destroy the enemy on land, at sea and in the air. No rules, No prisoners. Just you-against-them combat where only one can win.

Simultaneous 2-Player capability. You pilot while your partner controls the firearms.
Take ’em out in explosive real-time, unlimited access, 3-D textured battle environments.
Fight in hundreds of killer scenarios throughout ten highly unpredictable missions in some of the world’s most volatile hotspots. Missions feature surgical strikes, stealth missions and nuclear standoff.
State-of-the-art weapons including, TV Guided Maverick Missiles, AIM-9 Sidewinder and AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles, Cluster Bombs, Fuel Air Munitions, Bunker Busters, Napalm, your trusty 30mm Vulcan Cannon, and more.
Full-motion video pumped up with heart-racing soundtrack and deadly effects.


Agile Warrior F-IIIX, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. AniTendo says
    June 28, 2016, 8:55 am

    This game is very challenging and will keep you on the edge of your seat for long enough to fall off and be mildly embarrassed. This is one of my favorite PlayStation games for a reason. The cheese is strong with this one. But, honestly, if you want to know about the gameplay, it’s fun. Your best strategy will most likely involve tactically switching between many different anti-aircraft and anti-infantry weaponry. It’ll be worth your money if you can get it for under twenty US dollars. By the way, if you have a friend and a second controller, Agile Warrior F-IIIX has a two-player mode. One player controls the guns, the other does all the flying.

    Ratings /10

    Graphics: 8.5
    Gameplay: 7
    Audio: 8
    Overall: 7

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