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Comment on Free PSone Classics on PlayStation Home! The hidden cards are fairly easy to find, look for the glimmering star. The most difficult card was on…
Comment on Ridge Racer It was December 1994, a local game store was showing off an imported Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation. While…
Comment on Raiden Project, The Raiden still remains one of my favorite PlayStation games of all time.
Comment on Motor Toon Grand Prix This game rocked! Absolutely loved how you could unlock a hidden battleship game. The same developers would follow…
Comment on Namco Museum Volume 5 This is my favorite of the Namco compilation series because I used to play Pac-mania and metro-cross non-stop on my…
Comment on Pinball Fantasies Deluxe I consider Pinball Fantasies the best Amiga CD32 game developed. I played this non-stop hours on end. When…
Comment on Mass Destruction I played this game so much!
Comment on The Official PlayStation Museum sneak preview Thanks! When you have a chance, rate the games that you have played! I need to be sure…
Comment on Need For Speed, Road & Track Presents The This game brings back so many great memories.