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Olympic Summer Games


Release Date: June 1996 
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Eidos
Developer: Silicon Dreams
Players: 1 - 8 Players
Memory Card: 2 Blocks
Peripherals: Multi Tap Adaptable 1-8 Players
Product Code: SLUS-00148

After years of training, you’ve finally got the chance to grab a hold of the gold with Olympic Summer Games! Get ready to compete in the world’s most spectacular sporting event – The 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. Show your stuff in the most challenging range of Olympic events. With the world watching your every move, you will run swifter, jump higher and be stronger than ever before.
Compete with up to eight friends with multi-player capability
Incredible motion capture technology brings each athlete to life!
Television style presentation of the Olympic Games action.
3D SGI rendered graphics and athletes