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Wild Arms


Release Date: May 1997 
Genre: RPG
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Media Vision
Players: 1 Player 
Memory Card: 1 block 
Peripherals: N/A
Product Code: SCUS-94608

The Metal Demons, legendary destroyers of Filgaia, are returning. Powerless, the Ancient Guardians call upon three to save their once green world - a warrior, who has the gunner's gift that many tear; a princess, empowered by magic and an enchanted teardrop; and a rogue, who claims his sword is his word... but are his motives pure?
SEEK AND DISCOVER the powers of the Golems, ELWs, ARMs, mythic weapons and more.
ENCOUNTER AND SURVIVE traps like ground spikes, vanishing bridges, and falling floors.
EXPLORE an interactive world by igniting bombs, activating switches, and throwing objects.
3D COMBAT with animated polygonal monsters and magic from magic from multiple viewpoints.
CREATE powerful elemental magic through experimentation and discovery.
CONTROL the fight with Auto-Battle Commands and the New Force System.
CUSTOMIZE control functions, camera angles, cursor positions, and more. Special options include an icon-based interface and a help menu.
"By far one of the best action RPGs of the year." -Game Informer
"One of the most riveting RPGs of the year!" -GameFan magazine