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Thunder Truck Rally


Release Date: May 1997 
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Psygnosis 
Developer: Reflections
Players: 1 Player
Memory Card: 1 block 
Peripherals: N/A
Product Code: SCUS-94352

A gear-grinding, go anywhere joyride
Get behind the wheel of a V8, twin-blown, fuel-injected monster of car-crushing carnage! Feel the power of your vehicle as you take on all-comers in the monster endurance rally or high-impact stadium stunts.
Select vehicles from low-slung buggies to high-riding monster trucks, each with real-time modeled suspension.
Total freedom of movement with huge 3D landscapes. Stick to the track or test your skill off road.
Incredible special effects include weather elements, dust clouds, water splashes and dazzling lens flares.
More than 60 circuits challenge both your 4x4 driving prowness and your raw destruction instincts.