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Tobal No. 1


Release Date: October 1996 
Genre: Fighting
Publisher: SCEA 
Developer: Dream Factory Co., Ltd
Players: 1 or 2 Players 
Memory Card: 1 block
Peripherals: N/A
Product Code: SCUS-94208

In 2027, an Earth starship discovered the planet of Tobal, a world with large deposits of a rare and powerful energy source called Molmoran. Earth leaders met with the King of Tobal to negotiate mining rights, but several other planets also entered the bidding. The King of Tobal, an avid martial arts fan, decided to hold a tournament every 200 days, with the winner to receive the rights to mine the precious matter.
It's now 2048 and the 98th tournament is about to begin . . . From the talents behind FINAL FANTASY and DRAGONBALL Z comes TOBAL NO. 1 for the PlayStation. The year is 2027 A.D. On the small planet of Tobal, a fighting tournament is being held to discover the next champion. It's up to you to prove your skills and master the moves that will take you to the top. Weapons and magic are forbidden, so you'll have only your fists and feet to succeed. Battle eight contenders, a strange mix of humans and aliens, in your quest to garner the title of Super Tobalman. The action doesn't stop there, though. You still need to face a fierce boss and finally, the Emperor Udan himself. If multiplayer action is what you crave, TOBAL NO. 1 offers a Versus mode for head-to-head battles with a friend. Still want more? A 3D Quest mode is also available, which lets you play as any character from the Tournament mode. Enter the evil Udan's dungeon, avoid deadly traps, fight fierce monsters, and discover hidden items. TOBAL NO. 1 offers a wealth of options for the battle-hungry gamer.
Variety of characters with special moves and combo attacks
Variety of dungeons and monsters
Fast framerate and gameplay
Two-player Versus mode
Packaged with a Final Fantasy VII Interactive Sampler CD SCUS-94961 (164 MB)