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Welcome to the wonderful world of Sony PlayStation. You've just come to a place dedicated to the history of the Sony PlayStation. We bring the classic days back into the spotlight by providing an online library games and videos.  Regardless if you're a hardcore PlayStation fan or just looking for a information on a PSone classic for your next generation console, you'll definitely find something of interest here.

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The PlayStation Museum website is currently going through a re-imagining, however check out the Game History section to learn about the development history of Ghost Rider, Pac-Man Ghost Zone, QAD, and many more!


The History of PlayStation

PlayStation History

Learn about the official history of the PlayStation from the beginning.

Video Game Graveyard

Video Game Graveyard

Not all PlayStation games made it through development. Read about some exciting titles that could have made an impact!

PlayStation consoles


This online exhibit shows various retail PlayStation consoles that were released.


                     PSM ON YOUTUBE

 Gameplay of an early work in progress Jet Moto: SOLAR for the PlayStation 2.

 Gameplay footage of Pac-Man Ghost Zone in first person perspective.  Could this feature have saved the game from cancellation?

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